The epic season 1 finale of Rugal was an emotional rollercoaster. Here is everything you need to know about the K-dramas awesome climax.

Rugal has been one of Netflix’s most popular Korean dramas of the year so far, which is impressive considering the range of excellent shows available on the platform.

The series tells the story of Kang Gi-beom, a former police officer who is given highly-advanced robotic eyes after being drafted into a black ops programme called Rugal.

Rugal is made up of a team of artificially-enhanced people who are in a battle against the notorious Argos gang, who themselves are running their own human experiments.

The 16-part series came to a head on Sunday 17th May with a season finale that had fans sad, laughing, relieved and worried. Here is everything from the Rugal season finale explained.

Gwang-cheol and Mi-na nearly die

Gwang-chul wakes up in Argos’ human laboratory and kills a pair of scientists preparing to inject him with something. We think that he has escaped danger but the Argos skin murmur appears – meaning that he is under the control of Huang Deuk-gu.

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As Gi-beom escapes the laboratory with Chairwoman Choi, they encounter the now-possessed Gwang-chul. The two fight and just as it appears that Gi-beom will have to kill Gwang-chul, he is able to release his teammate from Argos’ control. However, because he doesn’t have his life-saving battery pack, he slowly starts to die.

At the same time, Mi-na is attacked outside the laboratory by a group of Argos’ soldiers whilst attempting to escort Dr Oh to safety. After a brutal fight, Mi-na is stabbed in the stomach and it appears to be an extremely deep wound.

Thankfully, Tae-woong shows up to save her and Dr Oh. He is able to defeat the soldiers, but one of them pulls out a gun. The bullet appears to go through Tae-woong’s hip and into Mi-na, who he was cradling on the ground.

In an emotional moment of despair, we think that both Gwang-chul and Mi-na will both die within minutes of each other.

However, both are seen alive being put into the back of a car and taken away for emergency treatment.

The big Rugal Vs. Argos showdown

Tae-woong confronts Chief Choi about his plans after disbanding Rugal, but he is confronted by two men with katanas. The three fight and whilst Tae-woong is victorious, Chief Choi pulls out a revolver and aims towards Tae-woong.

However, he can’t pull the trigger and accepts his fate, but Tae-woong can’t kill Chief Choi either. Just as Tae-woong leaves the room, we hear a single gunshot – Chief Choi has shot himself.

At the same time, Gi-beom and Deuk-gu finally have their big showdown in the Rugal headquarters. After an awesome fight sequence, Gi-boem is able to stab his bitter enemy in the neck with a pen. At first, we think that the villain is dead, but he is later carted away in an ambulance and formerly arrested.

The remaining member of Argos is Chairwoman Choi. Gi-beom confronts her and it appears that the two are about to come to a deal regarding payment. However, Gi-beom reveals that he has a recording of her confessing to the murder of her late-husband and she is also arrested.

A few years later…

The story then flashes forward to a few years later and Gwang-chul meeting Tae-woong as he is released from prison on parole.

We briefly see a group of politicians discussing the possibility of forming a new black ops program similar to Rugal.

The story again flashes forward, but only a few months this time. Gwang-chul and Tae-woong run a parcel service and reminisce about their time in Rugal. Gwang-chul reveals that he hasn’t heard from either Mi-na or Gi-beom for a while.

It turns out that Gi-beom is running his own vigilante / citizen justice service, hunting for drug dealers and active members of the Argos gang.

Whilst we see that Mi-na is alive and well, we see that Deuk-gu is also alive and receiving medical treatment in prison.

The finale then ends with Gi-beom getting messages from his former Rugal teammates and being notified of an Argos members’ location.

All 16 episodes of Rugal season 1 are currently available to view right now on Netflix.

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