It is now possible for most people in the United States to create cartoon Avatars of themselves on Facebook. This feature has been massively compared to Bitmojis for Snapchat users, and plenty of interested people want to know if they can make their Facebook Avatar on computer so they can use and edit it on desktop.

With the Facebook Avatar feature having just become widely useable in the United States, it’s no surprise that every child and grandparent has been sharing idealised cartoon versions of themselves that are either uncanny or completely off. This is because it’s admittedly fun to play dress up and plastic surgeon by creating cartoon specimens without any warts or defects.

Below you’ll discover whether you can make one on computer and how you can get it on desktop either way.

How to make a Facebook Avatar on computer

You cannot make a Facebook Avatar using a computer or laptop.

While you can see and share your Facebook Avatar on a computer or laptop, it is currently not possible to make one on desktop.

Although you can easily work around this by just creating your cartoon likeness on iOS or Android, the inability to create or edit your cartoon caricature on desktop is admittedly slightly annoying.  

However, while the above restrictions are in place, you can still share it on your computer.

How to share Facebook Avatar on desktop

You should be able to share your Facebook Avatar on desktop when replying to comments.

In order to share your Facebook Avatar on computer or laptop via comments, all you should need to do is reply to a post or messenger message with a sticker.

As well as all of the above, you can also have your cartoon likeness become your FB profile on both desktop and phone by setting it as such after creating it on iOS or Android.

Not everyone has been given the option to create a Facebook Avatar as of yet, so some people will need to be patient before the option becomes available for them.

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