Have you ever wondered what you’ll look like in the future, 2078 to be exact? Well now you don’t have to because TikTok’s latest filter shows you exactly what you’re going to look like in 58 years time.

The filter has sparked the newest trend on the app known as the ‘Age Challenge’ where TikTok users have taken to the app to show fans what they will look like in 2078.

What is the 2078 filter?

The 2078 filter is a TikTok filter, simply called ‘2078’ and over 380,000 videos have been made using the effect.

The filter flicks through the years, showing exactly how you’ll age and you can watch your hair turn grey and wrinkles start to form. Once it reaches the year 2078 the filter stops, showing you how you’re going to look when you get to that year.

While the filter isn’t completely accurate, as of course it can’t tell exactly what you’re going to look like in over 50 years, it certainly is freaky to see how you would look with a saggier face and grey hairs!

How to find the 2078 filter on TikTok

  • Open up the app and click the ‘+’ button in the middle of the screen to create a new video
  • Click the ‘Effects’ icon in the lower left hand side of the screen
  • Swipe across through the headings to ‘trending’
  • Scroll down through the effects until you see one which has a picture of an old lady as its icon
  • Click on the icon and make sure to centre yourself in the camera
  • Hit record!

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