Who knew cleaning could be so fun? The newest challenge to sweep its way through TikTok is the ‘Wipe it Down’ challenge which combines cleaning and fashion and some clever editing.

Maybe lockdown has got the better of us because videos of people cleaning their windows have never been so fun!

If you want to join the trend and get in on the action then carry on reading for our step by step guide.

What is the Wipe it Down Challenge on TikTok?

The challenge is set to the song ‘Wipe it Down’ by BMW Kenny and sees people cleaning their mirrors with a cloth. In between the wiping motions they do it appears that they magically change into new clothes.

Most videos show people going from everyday clothes to dressed up to the nines, then back again to normal clothes, all with the wipe of a cloth. No, these people aren’t magic, the trick behind the videos is all in the editing.

How to do the Wipe it Down Challenge

  • Open TikTok and press the ‘+’ button in the middle of the screen to create a new video
  • Find a big mirror in your house and set the camera up so that it is facing towards the mirror (make sure you’re in view)
  • Select the song ‘Wipe it Down’ by BMW Kenny
  • Select the icon labeled ‘trim’ and move the cursor to where the lyrics say ‘wipe it down’ the first time
  • Hit record and film yourself spraying cleaning product then wiping across the mirror in time to the music
  • Because you trimmed the video it will stop recording when the singer says the words ‘wipe it down’, make sure to stop mid-wipe with your hand still on the mirror
  • Go and change your outfit, put on some make -up, or even put on fancy dress- whatever you choose will work, just make sure you look different
  • Click the ‘trim’ button again and this time move the cursor the end of the song
  • Hit ‘record’ and stand in the exact same position you finished in
  • As soon as the video starts to record, finish wiping the mirror, making sure to copy your exact movements prior

This will make it look like you magically changed clothes, and the more accurate you are with the changeover, the more realistic your video will be, it may take a few tries but don’t give up because the end effect is pretty awesome.

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