If you have been bombarded with little avatar renderings of your friends and family on Facebook over the weekend, know you’re not alone.

Every social media platform has nabbed ideas from Snapchat and improved them tenfold. We’ve seen it happen with Facebook and Instagram stories, then AR filters. Now, avatars have been added to the mix.

Looking back at Bitmoji, when it launched on Snapchat back in 2014, the graphics were pretty shoddy. Apple took things up a notch when they launched Memoji in 2018. Now, Facebook’s thrown their hat in the ring… surely, Insta is next?

But from the looks of Twitter, Facebook users are far from impressed with the avatars. Here are some of the best memes poking fun at Facebook’s avatars!

Facebook introduces its avatars

Like Bitmoji and Memoji, these Facebook avatars, once made, can be inserted into any Facebook comment or Messenger chat.

As soon as users noticed that there was a new feature to update, Facebook avatars were dominating Facebook chats and timelines.

There are some hesitant to join in the fun, but we think that will all change soon enough. There’s no escaping the avatar!

Funny inaccurate avatars

One of the main criticisms of Facebook’s cartoon avatars is that they are totally inaccurate. Despite the fact you can customise your avatar, users are still complaining that they don’t look representative.

This is in comparison to Memoji and Bitmoji which seem to hit the nail on the head.

Best Facebook avatar memes

Check out some of our favourites here!

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