The latest social media trend is the last normal photo challenge, so let’s get it explained and talk about how you can get involved.

Life before lockdown… the wonderful memories.

Many weeks ago now, Boris Johnson issued a pivotal statement informing the UK public to adhere to government guidelines in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

In his address, he told us only to leave the house for work if absolutely necessary, shopping for essentials as infrequently as possible and exercise once a day, either alone or with a member of our households.

Since then, we’ve witnessed a shift and have now transitioned out of the “stay home” message and into the “stay alert” caution. But, of course, we’re far away from returning to normality.

As the situation continues, with many remaining in lockdown, they have taken to social media to reminisce about the past…

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Last normal photo challenge

Recently, the BBC requested for members of the public to share with them their last “normal” photo.

Essentially, they were asking us to scroll through the photos on our phones and reflect on the last one we took before the lockdown. Since then, we’ve seen a number of people post theirs, with examples including selfies, pictures of football matches, gigs, clubs, bars etc.

The trend has emphasised just how much our lives have changed in such a short space of time.

It’s odd that we may look back on a picture of a meal in a restaurant from months ago and feel overwhelmed with nostalgia.

Last normal photo challenge: How to get involved

It’s easy…

Simply head over to social media (Twitter, Instagram etc.) and share your last pre-lockdown photo.

It’s always nice to add a description, giving the image some context for readers while offering them insight into how much the picture now means to you.

To partake, just add the following hashtag: #lastnormalphoto.

Go and give it a go!

People share their last normal photos

As you’d expect, so many have looked through their albums and given it a go, so it’s definitely worth searching the hashtag and having a scroll through a wealth of memories.

We thought we’d share a few examples below:

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