Rumours have been circulating that Dance Moms star and TikTokker Mackenzie Ziegler, and her boyfriend Isaak Presley have broken up.

Mackenzie took to Instagram Live to address the rumours and explain the situation to her fans who have been wondering whether the two were still a couple.

In the video Mackenzie is seen crying as she announces their break up, though remains calm and considerate towards Isaak, who she tells fans she still loves.

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Why did Mackenzie and Isaak break up?

After several comments on her Instagram posts asking if her and Isaak were still together, Mackenzie took to Instagram Live to address the rumours and explain what happened.

She told fans that it was ‘really hard’ to see the comments because they’re not together ‘right now’. Mackenzie clarified the reason for the split was because neither of them are in a ‘good mental state right now’ and that they decided to be friends.

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The social media star told fans that it’s ‘super hard right now’ because she still loves him but hopes it will get better for the both of them.

Mackenzie also made sure to dispel any cheating rumours as recently fans have accused Isaak of cheating on Mackenzie after he recently moved into ‘The Clubhouse’, a TikTok house similar to the Hype House. She said that neither of them did anything and begs fans to not send hate to either of them as they remain friends.

When did Mackenzie and Isaak break up?

Although it’s hard to know exactly, Mackenzie did say that she felt like she had to act as though they were okay because she didn’t want her fans to ‘hate on him’.

Mackenzie clarified that she did ask Isaak before revealing their break up and said she texted him asking if she could tell everyone because it was ‘getting out of hand’ and she couldn’t act like nothing happened anymore.

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Will Mackenzie and Isaak get back together?

Mackenzie stated that she doesn’t know if they will get back together but that she ‘hopes so’ as she ‘really really loves him’. She also said that she hopes that ‘everything works out’.

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