The internet can be a wonderful place, allowing us to connect with friends and family virtually, share funny videos or photos and check up on what your favourite celebrities are doing.

But with that also comes a very dark side to the internet. Sometimes things get posted online that are completely inappropriate, and it is up to us to report that content and get it taken down.

That is exactly what has happened with this new TikTok trend. The Autism Challenge has unfortunately managed to get through any form of online censorship and is circulating around many social media platform.

This trend sees social media users mocking those with disabilities – the videos must be stopped.

Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images

What is the TikTok Autism Challenge?

A new trend is making its way round TikTok, seeing people making fun of others with disabilities.

People are filming their negative opinions towards people disabilities, specifically autism, and posting the videos to TikTok.

Twitter users are disgusted at the Autism Challenge

Many people have rushed to Twitter to express their disgust at the new challenge.

Twitter user @JoyyUnSpeakable has gained over fifty comments on her tweet in which she said: “So there’s a trend on Tiktok that challenges ppl to make fun of others that have disabilities… specifically autism ? PEOPLE ARE TRASH ! Literally.”

The comments agree, saying that the challenge is insensitive, cruel and needs to be shut down.

Kate Swenson speaks out

Kate Swenson, who is the creator of Finding Cooper’s Voice, a website documenting her family’s journey with a child born who has severe autism has spoken out about the TikTok challenge.

The American mother-of-three said: “I recently found out about a new challenge on TikTok. It’s entire purpose is to make fun of those with disabilities, specifically with autism.”

Kate continued:

“In one, a mother is doing ‘the dance’ with her own kid. Making fun of sounds and hand gestures. To ‘that’ mom, I have a message for you: I am shocked. I am sickened. And I am embarrassed for you. TikTok these videos need to be removed. I’m pretty sure humiliating a group of people goes against your ‘standards’.

Shut Down the Autism Challenge

There have been many calls for the challenge to be shut down, yet it still continues to be spread around social media.

The videos have specifically been spread to Facebook, where users are reporting the challenge and urging users to get the videos taken down on all social media sites.

However, the challenge originated on TikTok, with many people tweeting TikTok directly asking them if they are going to do anything about the awful challenge.