An old riddle has resurfaced on the internet and this one has an important psychological explanation.

Riddles and puzzles have become a popular activity for many during the lockdown period in the UK.

Some chose the comfort of Netflix, marking their sofas and beds as a favourite spot to binge-watch TV series, documentaries and movies.

Others, however, actively take part in quizzes and riddles since they are after beneficial and mental activities for themselves and their children as homeschooling is on full mode for another few weeks.

If you’re after a new challenge for the whole household, the ‘Mother Picture’ riddle is the perfect one for you.

Mother Challenge (Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash)

‘Mother picture’ riddle explained

The ‘Mother picture’ riddle shows an image of two mothers who sit against each other in a room.

There’s a kid situated between them who plays on the groundfloor with some toys.

Examining the room and the two mothers, you need to guess if the woman on the left or the one on the right is the real mother of the child in the picture.

Answer: ‘Mother picture’ riddle

  • The mother of the child is the one on the left.

This riddle has a psychological explanation as you have to examine closely the posture and bodies of the two women, as well as who the kid is facing in this example.

The child is facing the woman on the left as it’s normal for many children to face their mothers while they play.

Unlike the woman on the right, the child’s mother hasn’t crossed her legs and has bended forward, indicating the protective and kind nature of a mother.

Plus, the mother’s arms are more visible in the image which shows that she’s ready to embrace or help the kid if it needs to.

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