As the British nation slowly gets back to its normal routine, some are wondering when sunbed shops will open.

The UK has officially entered the next phase of the lockdown period after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s latest advice on Sunday, May 10th.

As the whole nation and country plans its gradual return to the normal, there are new measures and guidelines that people need to be aware of.

Similar to supermarkets and pharmacies, people need to keep the recommended 2-metre distance in other shops and outside, while the government advises people to cover their faces in crowded spaces where social distance is not possible.

The UK has announced a three-stage strategy which will see the gradual opening of all businesses and companies that have kept their doors shut since March 23rd this year.

So, when are sunbed shops reopening?

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When will sunbed shops reopen?

The earliest sunbed shops can serve customers again will be from July 4th onwards.

The government has introduced a 60-page ‘‘Covid-19 recovery strategy’ which indicates that beauty salons and personal care businesses will reopen as part of the country’s stage 3.

The guide explains:

“The ambition at this step is to open at least some of the remaining businesses and premises that have been required to close, including personal care (such as hairdressers and beauty salons) hospitality (such as food service providers, pubs and accommodation), public places (such as places of worship) and leisure facilities (like cinemas).”

Sunbed shops, barbers, tattoo shops and hairdressers will remain closed until July 4th, says the latest UK Government.

Will there be new measures?

Yes, it’s very likely that there will be new measures once tanning shops reopen.

The government has confirmed that they will announce the next steps and guidelines for businesses in different sectors.

Similar to stores in the food and retail industry, sunbed shops may impose a 2-metre social distance and card payments over cash.

In addition, they may introduce additional hygiene measures and markings in order to keep customers in a safe and clean environment.

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You might need to wait longer for an appointment

It’s very likely that you will have to wait longer until you get appointment once tanning shops reopen.

They may require additional time to clean after each customer and allow a certain number of people to enter their shops at once.

Plus, there have massive queues since hardware stores and garden centres reopened as people rush to get things done they haven’t been able to during the lockdown.

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