The Head Hunter is exactly the fantasy-filled horror film we needed after Game of Thrones but fans of the film can’t stop talking about that ending.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the very first scene of Game of Thrones was turned into a full movie?

Imagine the tension, suspense and horror of that opening scene as the Night’s Watch rangers venture out beyond the wall, only to encounter a deadly terror but expanded to encompass a feature-length running time.

Well, that’s effectively what’s brought to the table in The Head Hunter, a 2018 fantasy horror that makes Game of Thrones‘ goriest moments look tame.

The film has recently been surfing a wave of unexpected popularity in 2020 and has left viewers with some burning questions about that grim and grizzly ending.

The Head Hunter

First released in 2018, The Head Hunter tells the story of a lone warrior and expert monster hunter.

As you can guess from the title, this fearsome fighter displays the heads of his monstrous victims as trophies but his thirst for blood will only be quenched by slaying the very creature that viciously murdered his daughter.

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The Head Hunter’s ending

Eventually, the vengeful Head Hunter finally gets his chance to face off against this formidable foe and, at first, appears to be victorious, separating the beast’s head from its body.

However, as we see throughout the film, the warrior uses a mysterious grey substance to heal his wounds. As it turns out, this substance also gives the user immortality and can resurrect the dead.

This is where the film takes a dramatic turn as a poorly placed jar of the healing solution falls onto the monster’s decapitated head, causing it to reanimate and search for a body to use as its own.

The weary warrior is faced with the most unenviable task of them all as he must defeat the monster once again but this time its head is attached to the body of his own deceased daughter.

After another epic encounter, the warrior finally believes he has defeated the creature but the very final scene of the film shows that that’s not the case as the monster’s head reanimates again and manages to decapitate the Head Hunter himself, leaving his head impaled as if it was one of his own trophies.

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Answering those burning questions

Is the warrior really dead?

  • As the nameless warrior has been using the mysterious grey substance to heal his wounds for some time, he should have gained immortality from its miraculous properties.
    How he’s going to dislodge his head from its pike, however, is another matter.

What’s the significance of the arrowhead?

  • In the film, we see that the Head Hunter is in possession of an arrowhead. It supposedly possesses the power to carry souls to the afterlife but after we see him fire it off into the distance, we never see what effect it has on the monster head it hits.

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