Although not a part of the Summer Game Fest, Nintendo announced Paper Mario Origami King just yesterday out of absolutely nowhere. And, to make things even more exciting, the game is coming out in just two months! While the trailer was incredibly cute and easy on the eyes despite its sharp paper edges, some fans are admittedly worried and apprehensive about its battle system that was barely shown off.

As previously mentioned, Paper Mario Origami King was only revealed yesterday but already the entire world has fallen in love with its visuals. In fact, people around the globe have fallen head over heels so much that some people have even already created their own colourful origami inspired by the trailer.

While there’s no doubt that the game is going to be aesthetically pleasing thanks to its unique beauty, some members of the Nintendo Switch community are currently finding it difficult to shake off any worries about its battle system. In an effort to qualm any concerns, below you’ll discover everything that has been shared about the upcoming Switch exclusive’s combat.

What is the battle system like for Paper Mario Origami King?

The battle system in Paper Mario Origami King is turn-based combat.

Nintendo have uploaded a 20-second video showcasing the Paper Mario Origami King battle system and there’s a few details you can get from it.

With the iconic Nintendo plumber situated in the middle of a space which resembles a darts board, you can line up enemies by rotating individual rings.

This has to be done relatively quick as the video demonstration shows that there is a timer for your turn.

Once the enemies have all been lined up, you can then hit them one after the other with an attack multiplier shown in the trailer to be x1.5.

The following attack is shown in the video demonstration as Mario rudely hopping atop each head of the Goombas with them consequently disappearing from the battlefield.

There’s not much else to really discuss as the combat video doesn’t show any battles that are more complicated, but there is a notable x1 that can be found underneath the timer.

In the game’s announcement trailer, this can also be found in the brief snippet of combat found at the 1:32 mark. It simply means you have one ring move available in order to line up all foes.

Paper Mario Origami King pre-order

You can pre-order Paper Mario Origami King from the Nintendo Switch eShop.

The pre-order price is currently £49.99 and the game is scheduled to be released on July 17th.

If you’re incredibly stoked or even unsure about the game, you can check out a Gamesradar article which highlights 11 exciting details you may have missed from the trailer.