Vine may have died back in 2016, but the legacy it has left behind is more alive than ever, with quotes from vines being such a large part of internet culture that they have made their way into everyday conversations.

TikTok may have it’s endless stream of challenges, but Vine was known for the unique videos which had users in fits of laughter, and even now in 2020 Vines are still being referenced and recreated.

If you spent hours on Vine, or watched them on Instagram as they were shared around the internet then this Instagram filter is perfect for you. The Finish that Vine! filter brings back all your favourite Vine memories and puts your knowledge to the test.

What is the Finish That Vine filter?

The filter was created by Mayalina12 and once you start recording it flicks through lots of Vines above your head. When it selects a Vine for you, it will give you the first part and you have to finish it off.

An example would be: ‘Roadwork ahead’

The answer: ‘I sure hope it does!’

How to find the Finish the Vine Instagram filter

  • Open Instagram and go to Stories
  • Tap on your face to activate filters
  • Scroll through the filters to the end and select the magnifying glass icon labeled ‘Browse Effects’
  • One in ‘Browse Effects’ search the word ‘Vine’
  • Scroll through the filters until you find the one named ‘Find that Vine!’ by Mayalina12 (it will have a border of tree vines around it)
  • Click ‘Try it now’
  • Centre yourself in the camera and hit record
  • Finish that vine!

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