League of Legends will launch its Pulsefire event today as players around the world await the month-long event.

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The Pulsefire event will give players the chance to earn exclusive skins, loot, and tokens to use within the game.

Players will be able to earn coins and tokens to use as they wish in the next month, before the event eventually closes in the middle of June.

League of Legends is not averse to launching these sorts of events. It’s a great way to keep interest in the game and also gives gaming fans some new objectives and game modes to get their teeth into.

XP boosts, token rewards, and more are all part of the upcoming Pulsefire event, so it’s bound to prove popular among League of Legends players.

But just when can players get access to the Pulsefire and start the grind to earn that extra in-game clout?

What time will the League of Legends Pulsefire event go live?

According to Riot’s official support page for the event, Pulsefire will go live at 1 pm, Pacific Time.

That means for gamers over in the UK, you’re looking at a 9 pm start time before you can get your hands on any new loot.

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Of course, American players will be able to access things first it seems, with the mid-afternoon slot timed nicely for those over on the west coast of the USA.

The Pulsefire event will last a whole month, so there’s plenty of time to get earning those tokens and adding some new skins to your collection.

League of Legends will close the event on the 15th June.

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