TikTok has proven to be a vital source of entertainment throughout quarantine, with an abundance of dance crazes and challenges to fill our days. But one thing which TikTok is surprisingly giving users are some pretty nifty life hacks.

Already, we’ve learnt everything from the correct way to eat Toblerone and Pringles to lifestyle hacks for the home. And a new hack has joined the ranks which seeks to combat soggy cereal.

Some TikTok users have called it “life changing” and others state it is a “game changer.”

Find out about the cereal box hack which has set the internet ablaze here!


CEO of closing my cereal box wrong my entire life #cereal #diy #fyp #foryou #goingpro

♬ original sound – mariam__tahmasx

What is the cereal box hack?

The video originally went viral back in April 2020 and it looks like it’s not going anywhere.

There are two reported sources of the hack, with Refinery29 stating that a TikTok user called Mariam Tahmas started it. Another source says that Maqsood Hus shared the hack stating that we have been “closing our cereal boxes wrong” this whole time.

The point of the hack is to avoid soggy cereal, ‘coz the crunch is really the best bit about cereal, that’s a fact.

How to do the cereal box hack

  • Fold down the flap at the back of the packet then fold down the other flap.
  • Tuck the other side into the folded down side to create a v shape.
  • You have your sandwich-shaped cereal box which will now lock in the freshness!

It’s probably easier for us to share some of our favourite TikTok videos of the cereal box hack to show you. Check out our favourites here!


Everyday i realise i’ve been living life wrong… thanks @katybee2020 for this! #fyp #cereal #superiorsnack #lifehacks #bored #quarantine #breakfast

♬ original sound – katybee2020

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