The next big show of the year is here, but where was White Lines filmed? Audiences will fall in love with these filming locations.

Are you a fan of Money Heist by any chance?

If you are, you’ll definitely want to check out White Lines, considering the new 10-episode series was also created by Álex Pina.

The story centres on Zoe Walker (played by Laura Haddock) as she ventures out to Ibiza in search of answers. Almost twenty years prior, her brother Axel – a celebrated and renowned DJ of the moment – went missing, but his body has now turned up.

If you’re looking for electrifying entertainment, look no further.

Now, let’s consider the show’s filming locations…

still from “White Lines” trailer, Left Bank Pictures et al.

Netflix: Where was White Lines filmed?

According to BT, White Lines whisks Zoe and viewers away from Manchester to the splendid sun of Spain as it shines down on parties as they escalate and spiral.

The majority of filming took place in Ibiza, which makes sense considering the project is set there. It was a fairly long shoot, filming between June and October 2019, so they ventured elsewhere too in order to capture the perfect shots.

It’s noted that they also went to the Spanish mainland and neighbouring islands, with Majorca – known for its beach resorts and astonishing coves etc. – also being cited.

Additionally, the crew flocked to Spain’s capital, Madrid, and the Mediterranean city of Almeria.

WHITE LINES | Official Trailer | Netflix

WHITE LINES | Official Trailer | Netflix

Angela Griffin talks White Lines filming locations

The earlier source includes comment from Angela Griffin, who stars in White Lines in the role of Anna.

Talking about the gorgeous nature of the filming locations, she expressed:

“It’s such a beautiful, beautiful country Spain… The problem is you sometimes forget you’re filming and think you’re on your holiday… when you’re wrapping it up on your hotel roof at 3 am and you’ve got a pick-up at 7 am you can run into a bit of trouble!”

Audiences are sure to be yearning for a visit to Spain after viewing, with a tour of the Balearic Islands proving particularly enticing.

Laura Haddock on White Lines

Central star Laura Haddock recently spoke out about the show during an interview with Hey U Guys, providing insight into the relationship which haunts the narrative.

Addressing the deep connection between her character and brother Axel, played by Tom Rhys Harries, she said:

“You always need that big beating heart in the middle of a show. So, if you’re moving through something you really need that one thing you can hold onto and empathise with. I feel like that’s what it is. That relationship and that love that she has for him, and he adored her…and that was just taken away from them.”

It’s a premise which is made easier to invest in courtesy of exceptional casting.

She also laughs: “Around that, it’s chaos.”

It certainly is!

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