Netflix audiences are a little confused with the Escape Room ending, so let’s get it explained. What did the phone call mean?

Honestly, it’s really quite funny when you consider how many films called Escape Room there have been in such a short space of time. 

We are talking about the 2017 film directed by Will Wernick currently on Netflix. However, there was yet another film of the same title directed in 2017, this one helmed by Peter Dukes. 

Then there’s the 2019 offering from Adam Robitel, which is the most popular. 

Given the popularity of escape rooms during this time, perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that the horror genre took full advantage. 

Now, let’s talk about the ending to Will Wernick’s take on it…

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still from “Escape Room”, Escape Productions

Netflix: Escape room (2017) ending

Right, let’s refresh our memories of the film’s final scene. 

We’re centred upon Christen (played by Elisabeth Hower) as she is released back into the world from the back of a truck.

Walking out into the darkness she finds a payphone and immediately calls 911. She informs them that she doesn’t know where she is or where her friends are. They assure her that they’re sending out a patrol car and tell her to remain on the line until help arrives. 

When telling the official what happened the call is essentially hijacked: “Tyler was right, they’re all dead because of you,” the voice taunts. 

The mastermind behind it all stares on at numerous CCTV screens and tells her: “You went looking for this, remember?”

He argues that she found exactly what she was looking for: “a night of escape.” The criminal then asserts that the police will never believe her and asks a curious question before she falls to the ground: “Who really escaped? Was it you, or them?”

Netflix: Escape room ending explained

Escape Room offers audiences an ambiguous conclusion, but there are a number of ways the final sequence can be interpreted. 

When the man says “you found exactly what you’re looking for… a night of escape” there’s arguably a clear comment on the ways in which methods of escape can prove deadly. What may appear as harmless may be anything but. 

The moral takeaway, in this sense, can be read as “be careful what you wish for”. However, the film’s wider plot perhaps doesn’t earn such a concrete message. 

On the other hand, by asking her whether it’s she or her friends who managed to escape, it’s strongly suggested that she’s still living in the game. After all, she’s shown on the perpetrator’s CCTV screen; as the credits creep in, the game is anything but over. 

Christen’s fate isn’t sealed, but the implications are disturbing. Maybe she will awake in yet another deadly situation, or, the director is commenting on the fact that suffering doesn’t simply cease after enduring a torturous ordeal. 

still from “Escape Room”, Escape Productions

Audiences talk Escape room on Twitter

A number of viewers have taken to Twitter to offer their thoughts on Escape Room, recommending it to their followers. 

One recently wrote: “If you love mystery/psychological movies, see Escape Room on Netflix. Thank me later…”

Another weighed in: “I just watched Escape Room on Netflix… scary and interesting film,” while one also added: “Y’all I just watched Escape Room (2017) on Netflix and it was so bad but also so good ?!?! I HATED IT BUT WANNA WATCH IT AGAIN.”

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