Jake Paul and KSI are two of the biggest internet celebrities that many people either love or hate. However, while KSI has been making headlines for joining the Help The Hungry coronavirus campaign, he has also made headlines today (May 14th) for accusing Jake Paul of being a “racist”.

The accusation was made on the Mom’s Basement podcast and has further fuelled the flames for fans wondering whether a boxing fight between them will happen.

With it being impossible to forget the intense beef and over-the-top WWE-like antics, KSI and Logan Paul’s two boxing fights are famous contests in which the 2019 rematch reportedly sold more PPV buys than the professional contest between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr. Yet, despite KSI beating Logan on the second time of asking after their controversial draw, the YouTuber’s beef with the Paul brothers has continued well into 2020.

KSI accuses Jake Paul of being a “racist” on Mom’s Basement podcast

KSI recently appeared on the ninth episode of the Mom’s Basement podcast in which he accused Jake Paul of being a “racist”.

You can find the Mom’s Basement episode with KSI on Spotify, and the allegation aimed at Jake Paul reportedly begins at 27:45.

Asked to explain why he loathes Jake Paul, KSI said the following (via Dexerto):

“Just his whole demeanour, how he is,” KSI replied, speaking of Jake.

“He’s racist. Like, mad times he says the n-word. Bro, he’s just an a**hole. Even his video about him just beating up that dude — who you could tell doesn’t know how to box, has no idea how to box — and Jake’s just f**king him up.”

Jake Paul hasn’t responded to the allegations of yet.

Is Jake Paul vs KSI going to happen?

There is no confirmation that a Jake Paul vs KSI boxing fight is going to happen.

With that being said, Jake Paul has implied on Instagram that he wants a boxing fight with KSI in Madison Square Garden after quarantine.

In addition, KSI insisted during the Mom’s Basement podcast that a fight between the pair “needs” to happen. This suggests that a brawl between them is a matter of when rather than if.

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