Spotify group sessions sounds like a great idea for parties or pre-drinks alike, but the feature is causing significant confusion amongst users.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services available on the market.

With a vast library of music, instant access to your favourite tunes and all at a reasonable price, lots of people enjoy the Spotify service every day.

One of the most requested features over recent months has been a group session feature, which has been in beta testing since August.

Group sessions are currently available on Spotify. However, users are slightly confused at how to set up a session and some have been critical of session-breaking bugs.

Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Starting a Spotify group session

To start a group session on Spotify, just tap the Connect button in the bottom-left corner of the playback interface.

Underneath the usual list of computers, speakers and other devices, you’ll see a ‘start a group session’ tag with a code beneath.

If your friends scan in the code with their phones, they will be able to join your Spotify group session.

Alternatively, you can just scan a code from a friend to join their group session.

Remember that all of the group session members must by on the Spotify Premium plan. This costs £9.99 per month as standard or £4.99 per month if you are a student.

No sound playing in a group session

Unfortunately, whilst all group members will eb able to alter the queue and add their own song choices, the music playback is limited to one single device.

This means that if you are all in the same room, the music will come from one speaker.

However, if you are all in different places, only the host will be able to listen the playlist.

Group session bug fixes

Currently, there are several known bugs with the Spotify group session feature.

According to a spokesperson from Spotify, the group sessions are only in the “very first iteration.”

“We will continue to evolve and innovate the experience over time based on user feedback.”

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