New rules have been issued by the UK Government following the latest coronavirus advice by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The measures have come in place to ease the initial guidelines as the country prepares to enter the next stage of lockdown.

Some of these include going out more than once a day, sunbathing in parks and nearby beaches, as well as meeting with someone outside of your household while keeping a reasonable social distance.

In addition, garden lovers have been pleased to hear that garden centres in England and Wales will be open from Wednesday, May 13th.

So, which garden centres are open?

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Which garden centres are open?

  • Blue Diamond Garden Centres
  • Dobbies
  • Notcutts Garden Centres
  • Hillier Garden Centres
  • Cherry Lane Garden Centres

Blue Diamond has announced that all of their garden centres will be reopening from May 13th. You can read the statement on latest standards and social distance measures on their website.

Dobbies, one of the UK’s largest garden centres, has also opened doors to customers. They will start offering takeaway food from their restaurant from Friday, May 15th.

Bear in mind that their shops remain closed in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, Notcutts have also opened their stores, but their restaurants are closed until further notice.

Hillier Garden Centres will open their stores from Wednesday and Thursday this week and you can read their latest social distance guidelines here.

Other larger and smaller garden centres will be open too, so make sure you check their opening times from their websites and/or social media pages.

Garden centres: New measures and rules

The UK government has outlined new measures once garden centres start serving customers again.

Similar to supermarkets, staff members and the public must keep the recommended 2-metre distance from each other and the stores will only allow a limited number of people at one time.

In addition, cafes and restaurants at garden centres remain closed, however, they can only serve takeaway food for customers.

Many garden centres encourage the public to choose card payments over cash.

Garden centres near me

To locate the nearest garden centre near you, simply visit Yell where you can search for stores in your area.

Make sure you check their websites and social media accounts as most garden centres have updated customers with their latest opening hours and social distance guidelines.

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