Three days ago, thousands of TikTok accounts started changing their profile pictures to a random blue face, leaving TikTok users very confused.

If we told you that the reason why they had the blue profile picture was because they were part of a ‘TikTok Cult’, you probably wouldn’t believe us right? Well, it’s actually true. TikTok isn’t just about all the silly dance routines anymore, as there’s a whole world of large TikTok groups that most of us don’t even know exist.

The blue profile picture indicates that the user is a member of the ‘Step Chickens Cult’, a group led by TikTok user @chunkysdead.

But why did she start the group? And what does it actually mean to be a part of it?

What are the Step Chickens?

TikTok user @chunkysdead has started what is known as a ‘TikTok Cult’ called the ‘Step Chickens’.

TikTok users can join the ‘Cult’ but in order to be a member, they have to change their profile picture on TikTok so it’s the same as @chunkysdead. This was her first order as cult leader, to see if her followers would abide.

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So if you see anyone with a blue zoomed-in image of a face, you know that they are part of the ‘Step Chickens Cult’.


Thank you @reitergrace for joining us. RISE MY STEP-CHICKENS RISE 🐔 #fyp #stepchickens #joinourcult

♬ original sound – chunkysdead

Why did Melissa start the ‘cult’?

The term ‘Cult’ should be used fairly loosely. It’s by no means related to a religious cult, more like just a girl on TikTok who wanted to make her own club or group on the app.

People are suggesting she started the ‘Cult’ just as a bit of entertainment, to see if it was possible to completely take over TikTok.

@chunkysdead, or known by her real name Melissa, was a popular TikToker before she started the ‘Cult’, completing lots of challenge and dance videos. She now has 1 million followers and continues to post onto her account.

Fans on Twitter discuss the Step Chickens Cult

Some TikTok fans have taken to Twitter to express their disapproval of the @chunkysdead ‘TikTok Cult’.

Several Twitter users are claiming that the ‘Cult’ is annoying and that they can’t wait for the trend to end.

Although the ‘Cult’ is supposed to be just a bit of fun, it is a bit annoying for TikTok users who are logging in to to see normal trending videos and don’t want to be bombarded with a load of Cult nonsense.

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