There have been plenty of rumours about popular applications and games closing down this year such as Snapchat and Roblox, but these have turned out to be nothing more than hysteria caused by rumours or fake news from prank websites. This has resulted in some people asking whether Google Play Music is truly shutting down in 2020 and – if so – when is it going away.

Music lovers can find alternatives to YouTube and the Google Play equivalent through services such as Spotify and Apple. In fact, Spotify is one of the most popular services available although there have been raised queries as to whether its accessibility has somehow ruined listening to music.

While Spotify and Apple’s own services are both great alternatives for those who won’t wish to use YouTube as a means to an end, below you’ll discover all there is to know about whether Google Play Music is shutting down in 2020 and when it is scheduled to be going away.

Is Google Play Music shutting down in 2020?

Yes, Google Play Music is shutting down in 2020.

Google Play Music was announced to be slowly shutting down back in May 2018, and it has been confirmed that it’s eventually shutting down in 2020 following the ability to transfer your library to YouTube Music.

Users will have time to transfer their library of songs to YouTube Music which is the app designed and improved over previous years to finally replace the soon to be deceased.

You can download and use the YouTube replacement for free, but there are also premium options similar to what there has been with Google Play.

When is Google Play Music going away?

Google Play Music is confirmed to be going away in 2020.

However, there is no set date for when Google Play Music will be completely gone and shut down.

All that has been announced in the official YouTube blog post for how to transfer your music is that the service will be shut down sometime later this year:

” For now, users will continue to have access to both services [Google Play Music and YouTube Music],” reads the YouTube blog post.

“We want to ensure everyone has time to transfer their content and get used to YouTube Music, so we’ll provide plenty of notice ahead of users no longer having access to Google Play Music later this year.”

It is a shame that Google Play Music is being removed as it’s a simple app that allows you to listen to music on your phone while walking about.

Not everyone wants to watch an over-the-top music video that has been done a thousand times before, but the only other alternative inside the YouTube Music app is to pay a monthly fee to enjoy listening to songs in the background.

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