Fortnite has removed the Riot Control Baton, but the Epic Games’ community are now divided over whether another controversial feature has been added back into the game after being removed to the adulation of pretty much most fans. Yes, the community is split over whether or not SBMM has been added back into Squads, and this has resulted in a lot of heated tweets about skill based matchmaking and why it should and shouldn’t be in the game.

There were a plethora of reports just a week ago that were saying skill based matchmaking had been removed from Fortnite Squads. It was apparent that the feature hadn’t been removed from Duos, but a lot of people on Twitter were thanking Epic Games for removing it from Squads as it apparently resulted in matches becoming less of a sweaty contest.

That is until YouTubers such as SypherPK pointed out and supposedly complained about matches becoming full of too many bots. And, since he was reportedly a vocal complainer, a lot of the ire from fans about SBMM being back has resulted in him becoming a piñata for people venting their frustrations.

Is SBMM back in Fortnite Squads?

It’s been reported that SBMM is allegedly back in Fortnite Squads.

The Fortnite Battle Royale Leaks Twitter account tweeted yesterday that skill based matchmaking is back in Squads, and they responded to doubters by admitting that it isn’t confirmed and most probably won’t be by Epic Games for awhile.

When it comes to whether or not the feature is truly back, it’s hard to tell and the community is massively divided.

There’s no concrete evidence as the suggestions for it being back mostly stem from arguments that matches are now more “sweaty” compared to last week.

Some have pointed out that it’s possible Epic Games have simply reduced the number of bots meaning more genuine players are in the match, but again nothing is confirmed as it’s all just assumptions.

However, while it’s unconfirmed whether SBMM is back in Fortnite (the consensus online seems to be that it is), SypherPK has been blamed by large parts of the community for its alleged return.

He responded to the onslaught of grievances aimed at him both on Twitter and YouTube yesterday.

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