When DayZ came to Xbox from PC, gamers couldn’t wait to jump into Chernarus. Now that the game is free, here is what you need to know when spawning in.

DayZ is an open world zombie survival video game developed by Bohemia Interactive.

The standalone title was developed from the original mod for the Arma game and became an extremely popular title within the PC community.

The goal of DayZ is simple, stay alive. Players spawn in with nothing and no objectives apart from explore, loot and live within the former Soviet Republic landscape of Chernarus.

The game if now free on the Xbox Game Pass, but with such a complex game, new players need to know about the map and where they could spawn in.

DayZ added to Xbox Game Pass

Starting on May 7th, subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass will be able to play both Red Dead Redemption 2 and DayZ for free.

The hugely popular zombie survival game came to Xbox back in May last year. However, the player base has dwindled in comparison to the PC community.

Now, the game is available for free if you are a subscriber to the Xbox Game Pass.

If you want to gain access to the changing library of games offered by the service, the pass is currently down to just £1 a month on the Microsoft store. If you don’t have the pass, you can purchase the title for £41.74.

The DayZ map

DayZ is set on the incredibly large 225 km2 region of the fictional former Soviet Republic of Chernarus.

The map features a variety of different locations within its vast landscape, from dense urban cities and ruined castles to the open wilderness.

Players can use a compass, inventory maps, trail maps and road signs to find their way around Chernarus, but the best way is through online maps.

Searching for DayZ map will bring back numerous websites that have interactive models of the map where you can use for navigating Chernarus.

Common spawn locations

Chernogorsk: The vast majority of players will spawn in one of the three locations around Chernarus’ largest city, ‘Cherno’. You can easily identify if you are in Cherno by the large ruined hotel in the centre of the city with the crashed plane.

The first spawn will be south west of the city at the lighthouse with the apartment buildings on the hill behind them. The second is within or nearby the Cherno dockyard amongst the red shipping containers. The final spawn location is east of the city at the base of the large hill.

Elektrozavodsk: The second largest city on Chernarus is ‘Elektro’. Most players will spawn in to the west of the city, follow the railroad with the sea on your right and you’ll come into Elektro.

Players can also spawn in to the east of the city behind the church on the raised hill, if you are here then run with the sea on your right but be careful of snipers on the hill behind you.

Kamyshovo: A relatively small town, your best bet if you spawn in ‘Kamy’ is to loot the police department and log cabins before making your way up the trail behind the town to the castle. At Rog Castle, you can find better supplies in the tower but bare in mind that some players like to set up camp near the ruined fortress.

You can also spawn in just east of Kamy opposite the large Skalisty island. Run with sea on your left to get to the town.

Berezino: This is a large town with two distinct sections. You can identify ‘Zino’ by the yellow crane in the southern section or the two smoke stacks in the northern area.

Three valleys: This is a very small town but is near a larger town called Solnichey, run with the sea on your right until reach the city which you can identify by the large quarry.

Nizhnoye: This is a small town that is easily identifiable by its large flat dock. Running south will take you to Solnichniy and north to Berezino.

Rify: This spawn is next to a large shipwrecked boat. Whilst you can find semi-decent loot around the ruin, watch out for snipers on the rocky hillside that overlooks the boat.

Wilderness Shoreline: This is a long stretch of beach near Rify with very little landmarks, head along the shoreline in either direction to reach settlements.

Svetloyarsk: You can spawn at both ends of the dock. The town has semi-decent loot but follow the train tracks inland to Novodmitrovsk for better equipment.

Berezhki: This is northern most town that you can spawn at, it has a few houses to loot but your best bet is to travel through woods and reach Svetlojarsk.

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