You’re bound to have seen Apple’s new iPad Pro advert but you’re less likely to recognise the music used but just what song is that in the ad?

Creating a memorable TV advert can be seen as a tricky business by some and an art form by others.

Saying that, there are two notiable trends when companies look to make an advert that’ll stick in your head.

They’ll either bring in a familiar face or will make use of a well-known or catchy song.

In the case of Apple’s latest advert for the iPad Pro, the latter of these two methods is used but just what song plays in the new advert?

The April 2020 iPad Pro advert

Released on YouTube on April 20th, 2020, the newest iPad Pro advert is like many Apple commercials we’ve seen so far.

The product, Apple’s newest iPad Pro, is front and centre while a brightly coloured hummingbird/kingfisher-esque bird examines the stunning screen, keyboard and camera setup.

In the background, a charmingly upbeat song plays throughout.


What’s the song used in the advert?

  • The song that plays in the latest iPad Pro ad is Dream Girl by Anna Of The North.

Dream Girl is the main single and title of Anna’s second album which released in October 2019.

The full song is available to listen to on YouTube where the music video (which you can watch below) has just over 600,000 views at the time of writing.

On Spotify meanwhile, Dream Girl has been streamed over 3.8 million times.

Learn more about Anna of the North

Anna of the North, whose real name is Anna Lotterud, is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who has been active in the music industry since 2014.

Anna was born on June 8th, 1991 in the town of Gjøvik and, at the time of wiritng, is 28 years old.

Her first album, Lovers, released in 2017 and, as mentioned, was followed in 2019 by her follow-up effort, Dream Girl.

On Spotify, Anna has over 2.5 million monthly listeners and 124,000 followers on the music streaming service.

Away from music, Anna is also active on social media, particularly Instagrm, where she has over 61,000 followers.

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Apple’s latest iPad Pro advert, which features Anna of the North’s Dream Girl has been appearing on our screens since April.

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