Apex Legends season five starts today and fans can look forward to the arrival of a master thief named Loba. However, while a lot of fans are excited for the fifth season, there are some disgruntled members of the community who are still wondering whether Respawn Entertainment will ever remove SBMM to follow in the footsteps of Epic Games with Fortnite.

As you’ve probably heard from Fortnite fans on Twitter, Epic Games had removed SBMM from Squads (there’s now a debate as to whether it’s been added back though). This decision was largely met with approval after lots of the community had previously complained that the matchmaking feature turned every match into a sweaty encounter without any fun.

With many Apex Legends fans having become jealous and envious of the Fortnite community’s joy, a lot of them are wondering  if Respawn Entertainment will remove skill based matchmaking as well.

Did Apex Legends remove SBMM?

Respawn Entertainment have not removed SBMM from Apex Legends.

Epic Games did remove skill based matchmaking from Fortnite squads, but it appears unlikely that SBMM will be removed from Apex Legends.

This is because Respawn Entertainment Principal Coder, Michael Kalas, responded to a fan’s complaint back in February with a Batista gif that ends up saying “deal with it”.

In addition, Respawn Entertainment have previously refused to remove SBMM by doubling down on its inclusion.

Per Dexerto, the season four patch notes included an insistence that skill based matchmaking “has existed in Apex since launch” and that it’ll continue to be improved.

Lastly, Respawn Senior System Designer, Eric Hewitt, responded to a fan in November 2019 by saying that SBMM “will become the norm for most MP games” as it “helps out something like 80-90% of the community”.

All of the above replies happened before Epic Games had removed the matchmaking feature from Squads in Fortnite, so it’s not entirely impossible that Respawn Entertainment could be inspired to do the same following the reception from Epic Games’ fans.

And this is certainly what a vocal number of Apex Legends gamers want Respawn Entertainment to do.

However, with all of the above being said, there are now debates about whether SBMM has returned to Fortnite Squads. This has resulted in backlash aimed at people such as SypherPK who seemed to complain about there being too many bots, but Epic Games haven’t confirmed whether skill-based matchmaking actually is back.

If it is back in Fortnite, then there will probably be zero chance of it ever being removed from Apex.

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