The public is wondering when dentists are going to reopen in the wake of a recent announcement from prime minister Boris Johnson.

All eyes and ears were attentive to screens on Sunday, May 10th when the PM outlined new plans for the UK’s strategy to continue preventing further spread of COVID-19 and reducing the strain on health services.

Amongst other things, he addressed the issue of returning to work, as well as more freedom to exercise in public parks and such.

Although a number of questions were answered directly, many were still left uncertain about a wealth of things, including what to do if they need dental work.

So, in light of recent news, let’s dive into it…

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When are dentists going to reopen?

As of yet, there is no confirmation as to when dentists will reopen their doors across the UK.

You’re unable to visit them if you have toothache etc. However, dentists are actually open to those who are in need of emergency work carried out, although they will determine whether or not the help you need is imperative.

So, if you wish to go in for something like a routine check-up, fillings, root canals, scaling, polishing etc. then you’ll be unable to do so. It must be considered a medical emergency.

If you think it’s an emergency, call your practice and discuss ways in which it may be treated at home. If this cannot be done then they will guide you through the process. Advice over the telephone can be given during normal working hours.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms then you will be unable to receive emergency treatment, as noted by The Sun.

British Dental Association gives word

This information comes from a statement given by the British Dental Association, who outlined plans going ahead in wake of Boris Johnson’s initial announcement.

Captured simply, they addressed: “Given the uncertainty and reflecting the practical consequences of the current official advice, we recommend that practices cease routine dentistry and operate an advice and emergency service only.”

In the prime minister’s most recent announcement, he laid out a plan but did not make specific reference to when dentists can be expected to reopen for routine work. So, due to this, the BDA “are working under the assumption that the existing advice for practices still applies.”

A number of practices are offering virtual consultation, on the other hand. If you’re currently concerned for your dental health, it’s certainly worth seeking out this service.

As for orthodontic treatment, this is not considered an emergency, as highlighted by the earlier source.

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