Scrap Mechanic has recently seen the launch of its Survival mode this May. This has massively improved the game with a bunch of new features and massive open-worlds to explore, but it has also resulted in players becoming annoyed when in search of where to find cotton. The bad news is that this material is unfortunately elusive meaning you’ll need incredible patience to avoid giving up and banging your head against a wall.

The release of Survival mode has increased the sales of Scrap Mechanic as it slotted in at number two in the Steam bestselling charts for between May 3rd and the 9th. This means that a lot of players have opted to buy the early access game which you can as well for just the price of £14.99.

Now that you’ve either bought the game or have owned it for awhile, below you’ll discover where to find cotton.

How to find cotton in Scrap Mechanic Survival

There is no designated area for where or how to find cotton in Scrap Mechanic Survival mode thanks to the world being random.

However, as said by the game’s community on Reddit, you can mostly find cotton in the Fall/Autumn-looking biome of Scrap Mechanic Survival.

What you need to look out for is areas where the trees are bright and orange similar to Autumn.

Once you’ve found such an area, you then just need to scour the landscape in search of cotton flower. These flowers can be identified by white puffs.

It is admittedly hard to find cotton as the game’s community have lamented being able to find one and then finding it exceedingly difficult to discover anymore.

However, the above advice is all that can be recommended as again the world is random meaning there’s no concrete spot on a map to point out as a farming destination.

You can find out all the new features for Scrap Mechanic Survival mode over on the developer’s official Steam post.