Rocket League continues to treat its fans to some limited-time events, with the Beach Ball mode making a return to the platform.

Previously a one-off event back in 2019, the Beach Ball mode brought a whole load of fun to the game for both experienced and new Rocket League players.

Players played a similar game to normal Rocket League in two on two action but had the deal with the lighter and trickier beach ball to control and try and score with.

Obviously, this led to plenty of fun and new techniques to master within the game, such as weight of touch and how to curve the beach ball appropriately.

But rather than let Beach Ball mode be a thing of the past, Rocket League has brought back the fan favourite for another run.

How to play Beach Ball mode in Rocket League

Sadly, Rocket League players who want to play Beach Ball mode have missed the boat it seems.

The LMT was only available over the weekend and has gone into the abyss as of yesterday.

However, the mode proved popular, so there’s every chance we could see a return to Salty Shores in the future.

With global lock down still in force for most countries, Rocket League will be keen to keep adding new content to keep their players glued to their screens.

It wouldn’t, then, be too much of a surprise to see Beach Ball mode make a comeback in the summer months just as it did during the summer of 2019.