On Sunday (May 10th), Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered the latest update on lockdown measures as British citizens enter the next phase of the quarantine.

After weeks of strict social distancing rules, the PM revealed that from Wednesday (May 13th) onwards people will be allowed to go out more than once a day, meet with one person outside of their households and start planning their return to work if they can’t work from home.

In his statement, Boris Johnson introduced a new ‘Covid-19 alert’ system to track the progress of the pandemic situation in the UK.

However, people have immediately taken to social media and said that the alert system resembles the spice ratings of Nandos.

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What is the new ‘Covid-19 alert’ system?

The ‘Covid-19 alert’ system is a colour scheme that indicates the current pandemic situation in the UK.

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The graphic displays a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 is coloured in green and indicates the best scenario and that the country doesn’t need to be under lockdown. Meanwhile, 5 is in red and shows the worst level of coronavirus.

PM Boris Johnson said that the UK is between level 3 and 4 at the moment.

‘Covid-19 alert Nandos’ meme explained

Many people have taken to social media to say that the ‘Covid-19’ alert looks like the spice ratings from food chain restaurant Nandos.

Similar to the ‘Stay Alert’ slogan, Nandos has the Peri-Ometer with 5 different spices where 1 is extra mild and 5 indicates extra hot.

And since the colours are very similar to the ‘Covid-19 alert’ one, people couldn’t help but insist that whoever created the new slogan might have been craving Nandos.

Plus, others have claimed that the new alert system has made them craving Nandos as well!

People react to new Covid-19 alert

Many have said that they are confused by the new Covid-19 alert since PM Boris Johnson indicated that the UK is between level 3 and 4.

Comparing the alert system to the Peri-Ometer from Nandos, some say that you either choose medium or hot spice – you can’t have it in between, right?

“Stay alert for Lemon & Herb!” one Twitter user reacted.

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