Season 5 of Billions is now airing in the US but just where was the popular drama series filmed?

There is nothing better than a good bit of TV drama.

And with the ongoing pandemic proving to be a cause for concern, season 5 of Billions could not have arrived at a better time for those wanting a welcome distraction.

The new season released in the US on May 3rd and continues the stories of Bobby Axelrod as well as Chuck and Wendy Rhoades as tensions between them begin to escalate once more.

As ever with a new season of TV, interest in the show and its filming locations escalates and the same can be said for Billions.

But just where is the popular drama filmed?

Billions season 5 on Showtime

Season 5 of Billions began airing on May 3rd on Showtime in the US.

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The new season continues the stories of Bobby Axelrod, Chuck and Wendy Rhoades as their worlds take on a new and feisty dynamic in the new batch of episodes.

Billions header (Showtime | Sky Atlantic)

Season 5 filming locations

Since season 1, Billions has been filmed in the historic city of New York with production moving between the various boroughs of the city.

In season 5 specifically, we see locations ranging from 855 Sixth Avenue for the Axe Captial Offices, 145 Hudson Street which acts as Bobby’s apartment and even a disused industrial building at Hunts Point in the Bronx which now serves as a photoshoot studio.

On top of that, while most filming takes place in the city of New York itself, season 5 even pays a visit to the town of New Paltz which is located about 80 miles north of New York City.

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When is Billions season 5 coming to the UK?

At the time of writing, Billions doesn’t have a UK release date.

It is understood that the popular drama will be airing on Sky Atlantic, just as it has for the past four seasons but a date of when this is due to happen has not yet been announced.

There is a chance that Sky are holding back on airing the show now in order to release a full boxset of the season once it does finally arrive but we’ll have to wait and see if this is indeed the case.

Until then, Billions is airing weekly on Sundays in the US on Showtime.

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