Turnips, turnips, turnips. The bane of most ACNH players and only sellable once a week to Daisy Mae, a small boar with a very strict schedule, but where can you find her?

The constantly changing cast of characters in Animal Crossing New Horizons means there is always someone to do business with.

Whilst there are lots of ways to turn a bell profit, the turnip-business is one that can be quite successful.

You can’t store turnips, meaning that you have to either sell them or leave them on the floor looking rather unsightly.

The only character who will buy your turnips is Daisy Mae, but her schedule for visiting your island is very strict so set your alarms.

Who is Daisy Mae?

Daisy Mae is a small, orange boar that provides players with an extremely valuable turnip-sale business.

She has brown bangs and one of the worst drips of snot coming from her left nostril that players have ever seen.

Daisy Mae wears a blue kimono dress and a matching blue apron with a red sash and bow.

Most noticeabley, she carries an extremely large bowl of turnips on her head.

When can Daisy Mae be found?

Following the completion of Nook’s Cranny, Daisy Mae will arrive at on your island every Sunday between 5am and 11:59am.

As soon as the clock hits 12 noon, she’ll be on her way so make sure you get all your turnips for the week sold whilst you can.

Where to find Daisy Mae

Whilst she can usually be found around settlements, Daisy Mae will wander freely around your island meaning that you may have to go searching for her.

Due to her small size, many players have completely missed her hiding behind a tree so look everywhere!

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