Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month, and the photo sharing app has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms ever.

Everyone loves turning to Instagram for photo inspiration, sharing pictures with their friends or to use the game filters on Instagram Stories. And we are now in an age where people can make a whole career out of being an Instagram Influencer, as it has become a major platform for brand deals and advertising.

Most of the time, Instagram runs smoothly. But with such a big app also comes big problems, and Instagram isn’t without its numerous errors.

One of the most common errors that Instagram displays is the Challenge Required error. But what does it actually mean and how do you fix it?

What does the Challenge Required error mean?

The Challenge_Required Error often appears when a user is trying to access their Instagram account via the web rather than the app, or when you are trying to login to your account from a new unrecognised device.

It’s nothing to worry about, and is simply used by Instagram to protect your account.

The error message is Instagram’s way of making you prove that you are human, and ensuring that a robot isn’t trying to hack into your account.

How to fix the Challenge Required error message

All you have to do is prove that the account is yours.

The best way to do this is to log into your account using the Instagram App, as this doesn’t go through any web servers. Try doing this a few times and it should work.

If not, try visiting Instagram’s Help Centre for more information.

Fixing Instagram Commenting errors

Another area where errors commonly occur on Instagram is with commenting. An error often appears if you are trying to delete a comment or add a comment.

If you’re getting an error when trying to delete a comment, it is probably because the comment has already been deleted, it just hasn’t yet disappeared from the post. It may also be because you’re viewing an old version of the page.

If there’s an error when trying to add a comment, you might need to update your app. Or the comment might not be posting because it’s breaking one of Instagram’s rules. For example, you’re not allowed to include more than 5 mentions in a single comment, include more than 30 hashtags in one comment or post the same comment multiple times.

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