NHS workers have been criticised over a recent video uploaded to TikTok, showing them dance around an ambulance with a CPR dummy on a stretcher.

The video is a recreation of the viral ‘coffin dance’ which rose to fame in 2017 and has since been recreated by thousands of TikTok users

What is the Coffin Dance?

In 2017 a video of pallbearers in Ghana went viral, for their elaborate choreographed send off. The original video was aired by the BBC and was watched by over three million people.

The video, which has now been dubbed “coffin dance crew” sees six men carrying a coffin dancing to a choreographed routine. Benjamin Aidoo, the leader of the pallbearers told the BBC “I decided to add choreography to it so if the client comes to us, we just ask them: ‘Do you want it solemn, or do you want a bit of a display? Or maybe you want some choreography on it?’ They just ask and we do it.”

Thousands of people have recreated the video, and there have even been filters made on Instagram to help people hop onto the trend, though some people were less than happy with ambulance staff joining in.


Wrong, try again…😂 #coffindance @jessiestunts #26jumps #cookietime

♬ Astronomia – Tony Igy

Where is the Coffin Dance song from?

The song featured in the new funeral meme is ‘Astronomia’ by Vicetone & Tony Igy.  

This EDM track was released back in 2010, as a collaboration between the two artists, and now is widely recognised as the backing track to the Coffin Dance videos.

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