Microsoft conducted an Inside Xbox episode yesterday for the Xbox Series X and it was disappointing for some thanks to the lack of gameplay in a ‘gameplay trailer’ for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. However, while Ubisoft disappointed, there were still plenty of good games shown with the reveal of The Medium being particularly exciting. And its ties to Silent Hill have resulted in many gamers asking whether it will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PS5.

A lot of people have compared The Medium to Silent Hill and this is thanks to both its aesthetics as well as the inclusion of composer Akira Yamaoka. Bloober Team are famous for Layers Of Fear and their adaptation of the Blair Witch, so hopefully their supposed Silent Hill successor will continue their hot streak when it comes to psychological terrors.

If you’re excited about the newly announced video game, below you’ll discover whether it’s coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PS5.

Will The Medium game be on Xbox One?

The Medium video game is not announced for Xbox One.

Microsoft’s website doesn’t have The Medium game listed for Xbox One as its platforms only include PC and Xbox Series X.

This’ll be disappointing for those who were hoping for it to be cross-gen, but – as minor compensation – at least it’ll be available on Xbox Game Pass provided you get the next-gen system or play on the ‘master race’.

Is The Medium coming to PS4 and PS5?

The Medium is not announced for PS4 or PS5.

It’s likely that The Medium won’t be on PS4 due to not being on the Xbox One, meanwhile it could arrive on the PS5 at a later date.

This is because Bloober Team have made their games timed-exclusives for Microsoft in the past such as The Blair Witch.

However, while The Medium probably will end up on PS5 at some unspecified point in the future (there’s no release date for the game at all), this isn’t confirmed so don’t treat it as gospel.

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