With the arrival of an exciting fourth batch of episodes, we’d say a Workin’ Moms season 3 recap is essential right about now.

With everything currently going on, we’re glad that we have Netflix to turn to for some quality escapism. It has given us so many highlights recently, but for fans of a certain Canadian sitcom, hopes are highest for a reacquaintance with Anne, Kate, Frankie and the gang.

Season 3 arrived last year and gave us thirteen fantastic episodes to tuck into. However, it may seem like a lifetime ago that you sat down to watch them. So, we’re here to jog your memory and bring you up to speed before diving into the highly anticipated fourth season.

Let’s begin…

Workin’ Moms season 3 recap: Catch up with Kate

Of course, Catherine Reitman is back in season 4 as Kate, so let’s take a trip down memory lane for a moment.

She sadly discovered that husband Nathan (Philip Sternberg) was cheating on her, so she took the kids and kickstarted her own marketing firm and began enjoying her freedom. However, complications arose due to the place becoming cramped and the nature of her job involved covering for some rather shady types.

There were a number of sexual encounters, including her former boss’ son and Mike Bolinski (Victor Webster), who certainly gave her a run for her money.

In the wake of them landing a big contract at work, they became closer than ever. Yet, she and the audience were left with a dilemma: will it be Mike or the regretful husband who ultimately wins her affections?

Let’s see in season 4!

Workin’ Moms: Anne recap

Danni Kind has sculpted a soaring fan-favourite in the part of Anne and we all love how blunt and to-the-point she can be.

In season 3, she clashed with her teenage daughter Alice (Sadie Munroe) after believing her new friend Brenna to be a bad influence on her.

Things take a turn for Anne when client dealings get a little complicated and she ends up coming into ownership of a gun, which she takes a bit of a liking to. Unfortunately, Alice finds where it’s hidden.

As things progress, Alice asserts that she turned it into the police, but the season ends with the pair confronting one another over the lies; it was earlier revealed that Alice was, in fact, perhaps the bad influence and still has the gun.

Workin’ Moms: What about Frankie?

Juno Rinaldi returns as Frankie!

Earlier, she met Bianca (Tennille Read) and they quickly got on like a house on fire. Subsequently, she helps her new friend get pregnant after it’s established that there are difficulties.

Frankie calls upon an old flame – Juniper, played by Aviva Mongillo – to donate one of her eggs and through the pregnancy,, their bond endures new and unexpected levels.

Hiccups arise, however, over the subject of religion, where the two of them take rather different approaches, to say the least. Nevertheless, all seems well, for now.

As for Jenny, she patched things up with Ian and towards the end of the season made plans to make up with the others, so she’s sure to be an important presence again in the new episodes.

In other news, Mariana Di Girolamo is one to keep an eye on.