KSI fans have been left searching for the meaning of the 9.96 meme after it was referenced on the YouTuber’s latest video.

The internet is always full of a whole host of weird and wonderful trends that range from viral videos and challenges to TikTok dances and memes.

One example of the latter that has exploded onto the internet recently is being dubbed the 9.96 meme.

The meme appeared during a new YouTube video from KSI that saw him looking through memes on the site, Reddit.

The YouTube star clearly understood what the meme was referencing but for fans watching along, no hint was given at why the 9.96 meme was funny.

So what exactly does it mean?

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The 9.96 meme in KSI’s new video

The 9.96 meme was referenced in KSI’s latest video, The Perfect Disstrack?, which saw the YouTuber going through the memes on the r/ksi page on Reddit.

At around the 13:35 minute mark, JJ comes across a picture of him and Logan Paul shaking hands after their recent boxing rematch.

The image, which is simply titled 9.96, is captioned to suggest that the pair both have annoying brothers.

JJ instantly questions the 9.96 number and after a moment, seems to realise its significance but doesn’t give away that information to fans.

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What is 9.96 referring to?

It didn’t take long for fans to start scouring the comments and Google in search of the answer.

The general consensus among fans in the YouTube and Reddit comments seems to suggest that the 9.96 meme is a reference to the number of subscribers currently held by JJ’s brother, Deji.

The meme is a reference to the fact that Deji has been close to hitting 10 million subscribers for months, if not longer but has remained just shy of that figure.

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The meme should be 9.94

While the meme may be known as the 9.96 meme, that figure is technically outdated if it is indeed referring to Deji’s subscriber numbers.

That’s because, at the time of writing, Deji’s YouTube channel currently sits on a total of 9.94 million subscribers, which is still a huge amount in all fairness.

And it’s also worth remembering that Deji’s subscriber numbers are likely going to change on a regular basis so the 9.96 meme won’t stay relevant for long if he ends up gaining a spike of subscribers for example.

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