Looking to celebrate VE Day safely? Well, we have a selection of songs that will help you manage just that.

May 8th is Victory in Europe Day – commonly known as VE Day – and on that day in 1945, Britain and its allies formally accepted Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender. Years of war were finally over.

On that day many years ago, Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced over the radio at 15:00 that the war in Europe had ended. Of course, everybody broke out into celebrations and since then we have witnessed block parties and so much more.

However, with the pandemic affecting our lifestyles right now, such parties just aren’t possible.

So, why not celebrate with some music?

Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images

VE Day songs: Essential listening

Listed below are ten essential songs to listen to on VE Day:

  • ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ by Bing Crosby
  • ‘It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow’ by Vera Lynn
  • ‘Lili Marlene’ by Marlene Dietrich
  • ‘Moonlight Serenade’ by Glenn Miller
  • ‘Now Is the Hour’ by Gracie Fields
  • ‘(There’ll be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover’ by Vera Lynn
  • ‘The Lambeth Walk’ by Eddie Cantor
  • ‘We’re Gonna Hang) The Washing on the Siegfried Line’ by Flanagan & Allen
  • ‘We’ll Meet Again’ by Vera Lynn
  • ‘Whispering Grass (Don’t Tell the Trees)’ by The Ink Spots

Vera Lynn offers VE Day message

In case you didn’t notice, the one and only Vera Lynn popped up on that list a few times, and it really isn’t VE Day without listening to her wonderful voice.

This year, as highlighted by the BBC, she has also offered a statement during these strange times, urging us all to stay united while apart:

“This year, we must commemorate this special anniversary apart. I hope that VE Day will remind us all that hope remains even in the most difficult of times and that simple acts of bravery and sacrifice still define our nation as the NHS works so hard to care for us. Most of all, I hope today serves as a reminder that however hard things get, we will meet again.”

The lyrics certainly resonate with the masses yet again.

The 103-year-old London-born singer also added: “…we must all remember the brave boys and what they sacrificed for us… they left their families and homes to fight for our freedom and many lost their lives trying to protect us and our liberties.”

Of course, it’s important that we remember. However, due to the current circumstances, it’s also worth considering how we can celebrate…

How to celebrate VE Day

We think you already know what we’re going to say first, which is listen to some of the music we’ve singled out!

That’s one perfect way to celebrate respectfully and safely, but another is – if you have decorations – hang them up proudly in your windows so passers-by and so forth can see and smile.

The BBC also highlights a number of commemorations and so forth set to go ahead, offering schedule times too:

  • 10:50 BST – A service in Westminster
  • 11:00 – A two-minute silence will be held in remembrance
  • 14:45 – BBC One airs extracts from Churchill’s victory speech
  • 14:55 – Musicians – solo buglers, trumpeters cornet players – have been invited to play the Last Post from their homes
  • 15:00 – A toast during Churchill’s speech: “To those who gave so much, we thank you”
  • 20:00 – BBC One is airing a special which tops off with a sing-along to ‘We’ll Meet Again’
  • 21:00 – the Queen’s pre-recorded address on BBC One, which is the time King George gave his radio speech 75 years ago.
  • 21:30 – The BBC also highlights that: “Spotlights will light up the sky in Portsmouth to recall the experience of blackouts during the war. The local council says the lights are also to remind people ‘that lighter times will come again’.”

So, there is still lots going on. We hope you have a fantastic day.

In other news, Mariana Di Girolamo is one to keep an eye on.