The first series of Alibi’s Miss Scarlet and the Duke has unfortunately come to an end but that hasn’t stopped fans calling for a season 2.

We all love a good detective drama. The suspense, the guesswork and trying to piece the puzzle together all makes for riveting storytelling.

The murder mystery genre has been one of the most popular across all mediums and especially on TV.

One of the newest additions to the ever-popular genre has been Miss Scarlet and the Duke which has been airing for the past few weeks on Alibi.

Series 1 of the captivating show came to an end on May 5th and fans have already turned their attention as to whether Miss Scarlet and the Duke will return for a second season.

Miss Scarlet and the Duke on Alibi

The first episode of Miss Scarlet and the Duke arrived on Alibi on March 31st, 2020 here in the UK.

The six-episode series has been airing weekly since and on May 5th, the final episode finally arrived.

The series tells the story of Eliza Scarlet as she becomes London’s first female private detective and shows her teaming up with Scotland Yard’s William ‘The Duke’ Wellington as the pair work to solve a series of crimes in 19th century London.

Will there be a second season?

  • At the time of writing, a second season of Miss Scarlet and the Duke is yet to be officially confirmed.

However, that doesn’t mean work on a potential second series hasn’t already started.

Speaking to Andrew Gower’s (he plays Rupert Park in the series) official site in January, Miss Scarlet and the Duke’s creator, Rachael New, revealed that she has already started work on scripts for a new batch of episodes.

That’s great news for fans but the biggest stumbling block currently standing in the series’ way is the ongoing pandemic and lockdown as any attempts to make a second series could well face delays.

Fans certainly want more!

While the future of Miss Scarlet and the Duke remains unconfirmed, it hasn’t stopped fans from voicing their need for a second series of the show on social media.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “I have to say that Miss Scarlet and the Duke on @alibi_channel has been excellent. Both @katejphillips and @stueymartin86 perfectly cast and given top notch scripts. If this isn’t commissioned for a second series, it’ll be an outrage.”

While another added: “Please tell me there’s going to be season 2 of Miss Scarlet and the Duke because i am in love.”

And finally, this fan was let down by the lack of romance in series 1 and hopes for a second season to rectify this: “Can’t believe I just spent 6 weeks waiting for Miss Scarlet and the Duke to kiss and it never even happened. @alibi_channel I am willing to accept a second series by way of apology.”

Alibi’s Miss Scarlet and the Duke came to an end on May 5th, 2020.

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