Undertaker: The Last Ride releases on May 10th but just how can fans watch the WWE legend’s docuseries?

Fly on the wall sports documentaries have soared in popularity in recent years with new series arriving all the time on a range of sports from football, basketball and even Formula 1.

The surge in prominence of these sports docuseries rests quite heavily on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as they’ve offered up a platform to succeed.

The latest of these sporting docuseries to arrive, if you can count WWE as a sport, is Undertaker: The Last Ride.

The series, of course, focuses on the legendary Mark Calaway, aka. The Undertaker, as he looks to leave the ring in a blaze of glory but just how can fans tune in to the five-episode docuseries?

Undertaker: The Last Ride

Undertaker: The Last Ride arrives on Sunday, May 10th following 2020’s Money in the Bank event.

The series follows The Undertaker as he takes us through the final years of his career and the tough decisions that he has to make about finally calling time on his WWE career.

How to watch Undertaker: The Last Ride in the UK

  • Undertaker: The Last Ride will be available to watch globally on the WWE Network.

The WWE Network is a subscription-based streaming service similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video but, as you can probably tell, offers up WWE content.

As well as the weekly WWE shows, behind the scenes series such as Undertaker: The Last Ride, the WWE Network also shows pay-per-view events.

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WWE Network subscription: All you need to know

To watch the WWE Network, you’ll need to be subscribed with an account.

In the UK, the streaming service is priced at £9.99 per month.

However, for those just wanting to catch the Undertaker: The Last Ride documentary, there is also a 30-day free trial available.

Undertaker: The Last Ride launches on the WWE Network on May 10th following Money in the Bank at 2am GMT, with new episodes following weekly on Sundays.

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