The internet is coming up with new memes, challenges and trends every day. It’s all about what’s new, and usually, something that is over a week old just isn’t worth thinking about anymore. Or that’s what we thought.

A post that has been around since 2012 is still being shared around social media over eight years later! Maybe the world is bored of the new stuff and is going back to basics. The internet it a weird place!

But what exactly is the Do You Love the Colour of the Sky post? And why is everyone still sharing it?

What is the Do You Love the Colour of the Sky Post?

The trend started all the way back in 2012 when a Tumblr user posted a really long image titled ‘Do You Love the Color of The Sky’.

The image was a really long picture that depicted the colour gradient of the sky over 24 hours. It started being shared round Tumblr merely due to the fact that the post was really annoying, because the image was so long and took a really long time to scroll through.

Now people can’t get rid of the post!

Eight years later, people are still sharing the post as a joke to waste people’s time.

Twitter users are getting really annoyed by people who continue to share the post, which they claim takes ‘hours’ to scroll through. Hours is a slight exaggeration, but it definitely does take an aggravatingly long time.

#DoYouLoveTheColourOfTheSky on Instagram

On Instagram, the phrase ‘Do you love the colour of the sky’ has a completely different meaning.

Instagramers probably have no idea about the famous Tumblr post, and are simply using the hashtag to share their pretty pictures of the sunsets and the sky.

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