Microsoft loyalists have a lot to be excited for when it comes to the Xbox Series X as the console was revealed back at the Game Awards 2019 and recently the boot-up screen has been revealed too. However, aside from just superficial beauty, Microsoft have also promised to provide monthly Inside Xbox episodes dedicated to the Xbox Series X with the first occurring on May 7th featuring Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Here you’ll discover how to watch the stream live.

While you might be excited about the likes of Halo Infinite, you should know in advance that this Xbox Series X May 7th event won’t include any exclusives as these will be focused on in July. This means Halo Infinite won’t be featured nor will the second Hellblade.

While it might be disappointing to hear that you won’t see exclusives designed to compete with the first-party roster of PlayStation, you’ll still want to watch tomorrow’s event live because there’ll be plenty of exciting gameplay and news to see and hear about from the likes of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and more.

What time does the Xbox Series X May 7th event start?

The Xbox Series X May 7th event starts at the time of 08:00 PT.

As for elsewhere, the Xbox Series X event starts at 11:00 ET and 16:00 BST in the United Kingdom.

In regard to what you can expect to see during the Inside Xbox episode, Microsoft have revealed that they will provide a first look at next-gen gameplay coupled with trailers and sneak peeks from a variety of different independent developers and publishing partners.

The biggest name to have been confirmed is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla which was only recently revealed through a Bosslogic art stream and cinematic trailer. However, despite the CG trailer and art broadcast not showing any gameplay, fans have become stupidly excited thanks to the mouth-watering details Ubisoft have shared.

In addition to showing gameplay and trailers, Microsoft will also confirm which games will utilise Smart Delivery. This is a feature “which ensures that you always play the best version of the games you own for your console, across generations”.

Cyerbpunk 2077 has already been confirmed as a Smart Delivery participant, so it’ll be exciting to see what else is doing the same.

How to watch the Xbox Series X May 7th event

You can watch the Xbox Series X May 7th event through the following channels:

Even if you’re a Sony loyalist who plans to buy the PS5, you’ll still want to tune into the event live to see all the third-party games that will be broadcasted.

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