The Final Fantasy VII Remake is reported to be the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive meaning lots of Sony gamers have donned the blonde spiky hair of Cloud either again or for the very first time. There was understandably confusion prior to its launch about whether it’s the full game, but it’s clearly not as it only dabbles in Midgar. And, with the second episode confirmed to be in-development, a lot of fans are asking whether their progress will carry over to part 2.

There’s a lot of choices to be made in the Final Fantasy VII Remake and – while some just result in minor differences for cutscenes – a lot of them unknowingly affect your relationships with the characters and who you have a resolution scene with in chapter 14. In addition, there are also choices to be made when it comes to how you upgrade your weapons and what materia you frequently use to become upgraded as well.

With the choices and upgrades in the game being enough to make your experience and Cloud feel unique, some eager fans are asking whether progress will carry over?

Will Final Fantasy 7 Remake progress carry over to part 2?

Square Enix haven’t said anything about whether your Final Fantasy VII Remake progress will carry over to part 2.

However, while nothing has been confirmed, it seems likely that your Final Fantasy VII Remake progress will not carry over into the second episode.

It’s possible that you’ll receive bonus items for containing saved data, but anything else seems unlikely as Square Enix haven’t done it before.

While it’s unlikely to happen, it’s certainly doable even with the second episode being available on the next-gen as the Final Fantasy VII Remake should be playable on PS5 via backwards compatability.

But, while hypothetically doable, it’s still unlikely to happen and this has resulted in concerns online that we’ll have to be relatively weak at the beginning of the experience to fully upgrade ourselves once more.

This would be an annoying consequence of the Remake being split into parts and episodes, in addition to choices and decisions being made redundant as your relationships with characters would be reverted back to naught regardless of whether you semi chose Tifa over Aerith or vice versa.

Although history suggests that your progress won’t carry over to part 2, we can at least hope that the unthinkable will happen and that we’ll have all our upgraded weapons and abilities from the start to further enhance.

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