A guide for where and how to find pipi plants in Stranded Deep so you can cure yourself of poison.

Stranded Deep recently launched on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after previously only being available on Steam via early access for years. This means that console loyalists are playing it for the very first time which consequently means that they’re getting poisoned rather easily by all of the game’s a-hole critters. If you get poisoned you need the hard to find pipi plant as an ingredient, and here you’ll discover where and how to find this essential item.

There are multiple ways you can get poisoned in Stranded Deep. You can get bitten by a snake too obscure to see in both the day and night while frolicking about without a care in the world, and you can also get poisoned just by simply soaking your feet in shallow water and accidentally coming into contact with a sea snake. This is why no one likes snakes!

When you’ve been poisoned you obviously need to cure yourself, but unfortunately it’s not as easy as in Red Dead Redemption 2 where you could just go up to a stranger, plant your lips on their leg, and suck the venom out to then spit it away. Instead you need to craft an antidote and in order to do this you must find pipi plants.

Stranded Deep pipi plant location

The location for where to find pipi plants in Stranded Deep is on small and large islands.

You’ll be able to find two pipi plants on your first island in Stranded Deep, but the issue is that they’re hard to locate during the day thanks to being yellow and small. Not to mention the more you wander about the more likely you are to be bitten by something sinister hiding in the bushes.

During the day the necessary item is almost impossible to find thanks to it blending in too well with the foliage and vegetation.

With this being the case, it’s easier to find during the night as its yellow colour naturally makes it stand out more in the dark.

In addition to being hard to locate though, the ingredient is also uncommon meaning you really need to be careful when traversing about to avoid being poisoned as a cure is rarely easy to make.

With pipi plants being extremely difficult to come across and find, it’s highly recommended by the game’s community that you create a Farm Plot to grow it as well as other plants such as Quwawa.

But, before you are able to farm it, you either need good eyesight or patience and luck in order to find and grab the pipi plant.

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