Whilst we are currently starved of blockbuster superhero films, DC’s have released a surprisingly entertaining adaptation of The Darkseid War storyline with a shocking ending that stunned fans, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is a 2020 American direct-to-video adult animated science fantasy superhero film produced by Warner Bros. It is the sequel to Justice League Dark (2017) and is the fifteenth and final film in the DC Animated Movie Universe (DCAMU).

An all-star cast features in Apokolips War, including Matt Ryan, Jerry O’Connell, Tony Todd and Taissa Farminga amongst many others.

The film showcases the epic team-up between the Justice League, Justice League Dark, Teen Titans and Suicide Squad. The newly-formed band of superheroes go toe-to-toe against Darkseid in one final battle to save Earth.

Controlled heroes

As Darkseid continues this conquest of the home planet of Green Lantern, Oa, Superman’s team make their way to the villain’s central stronghold.

They find the Flash inside, imprisoned to run forever on a treadmill to power the planet just before they are attacked by the Furies – a team of enforcers that includes Wonder Woman.

John is able to free Wonder Woman using her Lasso of Truth and Cyborg, but Darkseid and Batman return.

Damian’s efforts to free his father from the villain’s control is unsuccessful and it is at this point, that the movie takes a turn.

Unexpected deaths

After a ferocious battle, Damian perishes. Seeing his own son die (genetically engineered or otherwise), breaks the control that Batman was under.

Angered, Raven loses control of Trigon and Constantine offers himself as a replacement host. However, the demon infects Superman and kills Constantine.

We see that Constantine and Zatanna are reunited in the afterlife (or purgatory), they have a heartfelt conversation about the events that led to John fleeing the fight.

Zatanna then revives Constantine but dooms herself.

Lois’ sacrifice

At the same time as all of this is unfolding, Lois and her team are preparing to sacrifice themselves to destroy the Lexcorp building on Earth in order to destroy the Paradooms.

She records a goodbye message for superman which is arguably the most emotional scene in the entire Justice League DC canon.

Cyborg projects the video around the chamber. Seeing Lois die frees Superman of Trigon’s control and gives the Man of Steel his power back whilst also directing Trigon and Darkseid against each other.

Defeating Darkseid, but at what cost?

Raven uses her magic to revive Damian and Cyborg teleports all of the heroes back to Earth.

In order to destroy Apokolips, he sacrifices himself by causing a black hole to appear on the planet itself – destroying the remaining villains in the process.

However, Batman reveals that the Reapers also destroyed enough of Earths plasma to doom the planet. The Flash is convinced by Constantine to run back in time and create another flashpoint, which would erase actions of the entire film. He does.

Damian and Raven share an intimate kiss as their universe is erased, this might be the only time the two characters actually act upon their feelings for one another.

Where does the story go from here?

As far as we are aware, the universe that we have just witnesses grow is erased and all the actions, deaths and confessions along with it.

We don’t know whether DC will continue along with the same storyline for another instalment of the animated film, or will move on from the plot and leave this as the series finale. Either way, the depressing and hopeless ending was a surprising twist that many fans enjoyed.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is available on digital platforms on May 5 and will be released on 4k/Blu-ray/DVD on May 19.