You’ll never look at a nun in the same way after hearing the ‘two nuns in a bath’ joke.

We all love a good joke don’t we and in the troubling times we’re currently living through, we need all the lighthearted humour we can get.

However, it always helps when we can all understand what the joke is referring to.

Recently though, a joke involving two nuns in a bath has appeared across various sites on social media and has left those reading along confused as to what it’s supposed to mean.

Just what is being referred to in the ‘two nuns in a bath’ joke? 

The two nuns in a bath joke

The two nuns in a bath joke is as follows:

  • Two nuns are in the bath.

  • Nun 1: Where’s the soap?

  • Nun 2: Yes, it does rather.

‘What on earth is that supposed to mean?’ we hear you ask. Well, keep scrolling and we’ll explain it for you. Just a quick word of warning, though, the punchline of this joke is a little adult in nature.

Explained: The two nuns in a bath joke

So what on earth are those two nuns up to then?

The answer to that can be found if we look at different spellings of the word ‘where.’ 

While Nun 1 is asking for the location of the soap, Nun 2 mishears Nun 1, thinking she makes the statement ‘wears the soap.’

This is believed to a reference to the fact that saucy Nun 2 is using the bar of soap to masturbate with and that her vigorous scrubbing is wearing down the bar of soap and in a bit of a daze, she agrees with a statement she thinks she hears from Nun 1. 

The joke would be much easier to understand if Nun 1’s line was written out as ‘wears the soap, doesn’t it?’

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