It’s absolutely breathtaking, but where was Portrait of a Lady on Fire filmed?

What is the best film of 2020 so far?

In the UK, we’ve already seen some really terrific features surface this year. 

Cinematic highlights would have to include Parasite, The Lighthouse, Waves, The Gentlemen, Ema and The Invisible Man. However, we’d argue that none have proven quite so profound and deeply intimate as Portrait of a Lady on Fire. 

Directed by Céline Sciamma (Tomboy, Girlhood), it has earned widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike to the point that it can be considered one of the most celebrated films in recent memory. 

At the Cannes Film Festival, it won the Queer Palm and is actually the first film directed by a woman to earn the accolade. It didn’t end there though, as it also scooped Best Screenplay there too. 

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association also awarded it with their Best Cinematography honour, and considering the striking locations it’s hardly surprising…

Le Bal des Folles (The Mad Women’s Ball) | Official Trailer

Where was Portrait of a Lady on Fire filmed?

Listed below are filming locations for Portrait of a Lady on Fire, as highlighted by IMDb:

  • Saint-Pierre Quiberon, Morbihan, France (beach and sea arch)
  • Bretagne, France
  • Presqu’île de Quiberon, Morbihan, France
  • Château de La Chapelle-Gauthier, Rue du Château, La Chapelle-Gauthier, Seine-et-Marne, France (interior & exterior chateau scenes)
  • Brech, Morbihan, France (Ecomusée Saint Dégan: abortionist’s cottage)

A number of sequences were also shot in a studio in Paris, France. 

Portrait of a Lady on Fire: Finding the beach

As you’ll know, the beach plays an important role in the film and finding the right location was absolutely imperative. 

According to Bustle, shooting on the coast of Quiberon – an island commune off the southern coast of Brittany – was initially uncertain. 

The source includes that actress Adèle Haenel said Céline Sciamma had a memory of the area but upon arriving was suddenly paranoid that she may have remembered it wrongly.

She expressed: “We were looking on the bay side and were ready to leave without having found our filming location… then an assistant told us about Port-Blanc, the Ark. We both took a long walk on the coast from Le Vivier, and we got there … I saw the smile appear on Céline’s face… I understood that we had arrived at our filming location.”

Fans praise Portrait of a Lady on Fire

A number of the film’s admirers have flocked to Twitter since its release to offer their praise. 

Some have even gone so far as to argue that it’s the best film of the 2010s. It certainly has lots of competition, but it really has resonated such a great deal with viewers and we’d agree that it’s an unmissable experience. 

Check out a selection of tweets:







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