After 12 long years, Star Wars: The Clone Wars has finally come to an end on Disney Plus and what an ending it was.

Since Disney took over Lucasfilm and Star Wars in 2012, one of the best things they did was to resurrect The Clone Wars after originally cancelling it after six seasons in 2014.

It was announced in July 2018 that the much-loved animation would be returning and now that the show has not only returned but also come to an end, the decision to bring it back looks more like a stroke of genius than ever.

What we got in the final season, specifically that final four-episode arc, was some of the best Star Wars ever put to screen.

However, that still hasn’t stopped some fans from having questions about the final episode and THAT last scene in particular.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 on Disney+

Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been airing weekly on Disney+ since February 21st (March 24th here in the UK).

The 12-episode season began with arcs on Clone Trooper Force 99 (aka. the Bad Batch) and also gave us a reunion with Ahsoka Tano as she and two new friends, Trace and Rafa Martez, got into all sorts of trouble and eventually discovered a plot by the sinister Darth Maul.

This set up the absolute cream of the crop which came in the final four-episode arc, episodes 9 to 12.

The last of these episodes, episode 12, fittingly arrived on May the 4th, Star Wars day.

The ending of season 7 episode 12

The final four episodes of The Clone Wars have all been leading to this moment. After episodes 9 and 10 focused on the siege of Mandalore and the long-awaited first encounter between Ahsoka and Maul, episodes 11 and 12 really brought the show into perspective alongside Revenge of the Sith as mid-way through episode 11, Order 66 is called and the once-loyal clones turn on Ahsoka.

Episode 12 continues from where 11 left off. Ahsoka is working to remove Rex’s inhibitor chip while a host of clones seeks to wipe them both out.

The episode follows Rex and Ahsoka as they look to escape the Venator while Maul sabotages the ship’s engines after Ahsoka freed him earlier, sending the Star Destroyer on a collision course with an unidentified moon. 

Eventually, Ahsoka and Rex do get away in a battered Y-Wing after a huge stand-off with a Venator-load of clone troopers.

The final scene with Ahsoka and Rex shows that they have buried all of the clones that tried to stop them escaping and, knowing she’ll have to hide her Jedi routes after Order 66, Ahsoka drops her lightsaber as the pair leave.

Following this scene, we see a snowy epilogue from the Imperial era that shows Darth Vader making his first and only physical appearance in The Clone Wars. 

The menacing Sith Lord ominously walks through the snow towards the Venator wreckage and discovers Ahsoka’s lightsaber on the ground. He takes a moment to look up at a nearby bird, unclear whether he remembers Ahsoka or not, before striding away, reflected in a clone trooper’s helmet.

What it sets up

Of all 11 Star Wars films and all of the TV shows, the ending of The Clone Wars is the only one that doesn’t leave you with even a slight sense of hope.

The bleak conclusion signifies the start of the darkest period in the galaxy’s history as the Empire looks to rule with an iron fist after Vader’s fall to the dark side.

Ahsoka and Rex obviously go into hiding after these episodes, something that is later picked up in Star Wars: Rebels.

But it’s a while before we finally join up with them and the crew of the Ghost in Rebels which takes place 14 years after the events of Revenge of the Sith.

Until then, there’s a long period of darkness that the galaxy has to endure first.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is available to watch in its entirety on Disney+ after the final episode released on May the 4th.