Ema has arrived on Mubi, so let’s get to know leading actress Mariana Di Girolamo.

Thanks to streaming services we’re never short of films to watch. 

The likes of Netflix, Amazon and Shudder have offered us some brilliant new additions this year, keeping us topped up and entertained during the lockdown. 

They have lots of variety, but increasingly we’re finding that Mubi is an essential streaming service to subscribe to, offering film fans a fantastic selection of films from around the globe, both old and new. 

If you’re always on the lookout for lesser-seen classics and hidden masterworks, it’s a huge help. But, of course, they’re also keen to ensure you’re up to date with a number of recent gems such as Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and now, Ema. 

It earned impressive acclaim when it premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2019 and now we’ve all been invited to enjoy it for ourselves and witness Mariana Di Girolamo’s stunning central performance…

NO TIME TO DIE | Trailer 2

Ema starring Mariana Di Girolamo

Mariana Di Girolamo delivers an incredible performance in Pablo Larraín’s Ema, tackling the titular role. 

For many, the film has served as an introduction to the 29-year-old’s remarkable talents and she has spoken about what attracted her to the project in an interview with Vulture Hound:

“It was to work with Pablo… I’ve admired him for a long while, I’ve watched all of his films, he’s an amazing director. When he offered me the role, I said ‘YES!’. I didn’t know much about the character apart from that Pablo had said that she was a free woman and that I had to cut my hair.”

She added: “It wasn’t guaranteed that the film was going to go ahead at the time we talked about the role as Pablo was involved with a few other projects. Then, a month and a half later he called me and said ‘right, it’s going ahead and you’re going be the protagonist’. So that was it! We started with the training part, dancing. We cut off my hair, keeping to his promise…”

Needless to say, it was a marvellous opportunity, but what experience did she have beforehand?

Mariana Di Girolamo: Previous roles

According to IMDb, Mariana first appeared on screens in a 2013 short called Dënver: Las fuerzas

However, a year later she landed the part of María Belén Risopatrón in the TV series Pituca sin Luca$ and reprised the character for a whopping 147 episodes. 

In 2016, she starred in Alejandro Fernández Almendras’ Much Ado About Nothing (she played María) and also the series Pobre Gallo (Andrea González). 

Other TV work includes Tiempos Mozos (Carla), Perdona Nuestros Pecados (María Elsa Quiroga) and Río Oscuro (Rosario Correa), while she was also in the 2019 film No Quiero Ser Tu Hermano (Emilia Buenaventura) and 2018’s Hotel Zentai directed by Leonardo Medel.

As for the future, she’s aboard Leonardo’s forthcoming mystery film Harem, as well as the TV series The Cliff (Mariana de Girolamo) which is currently in pre-production. 

Director Pablo Larraín, Mariana Di Girolamo and Gael García Bernal attend “Ema” photocall during the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande on August 31, 2019 in Venice, Italy.

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We hope you enjoyed the film! 

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