This year, the early May Bank Holiday is on the same day as VE Day – here’s how to make the long weekend more enjoyable with some homemade bunting.

If you wonder how it’s already May, don’t worry as we don’t have a clue how five months have gone so fast. 

This year, the first Bank Holiday in May coincides with the 75th anniversary of VE Day, but it will be a very different day as there won’t be large public gathering and people are encouraged to stay at home.

To mark the occasion and make the day more lively, you can enjoy a nice craft activity and makes your own bunting with family and friends.

So, here’s how to make your own decoration for VE Day. 

What is VE Day?

VE Day means Victory in Europe Day and is the day when the Allied Forces won over Germany.

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On May 8th, 1945, former Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced that the fighting has finished after Germany had finally surrendered. 

In 2020, people across the UK will celebrate 75 years since the end of the war across Europe.

However, the official end of World War II is considered to be on September 2nd, 1945 after the defeat of Japan. 

How to make VE Day bunting

To make your own bunting, you will need A4 card, scissors, paper, ruler, pencil, stapler or glue, string or ribbon. 

  • Take an A4 card and mark three points to draw a triangle. Leave a 2-3 cm gap above the triangle to fold later. Cut the triangle along the lines. 
  • For the bunting, you can use fabric, old clothes or paper drawings. Put the triangle template on your chosen material and cut it with scissors.
  • If you’re using paper, just fold down the flap and place a string or ribbon underneath it. Attach each triangle piece, using a stapler or glue. 

Will there be any celebrations on VE Day?

Even though there won’t be large gatherings to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, people will be celebrating in other, more creative ways, this year. 

For instance, neighbourhoods across the country are set to get together and host tea parties, barbecues and dinners together – all from their front doors or gardens while keeping a distance from each other. 

People are encouraged to prepare delicious snacks, cakes and meals and get dressed in 1940-inspired outfits.


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